As intuitive as you expect
In Taiwan, more than 70% of people rely on EverCam to create their e-learning videos.
Lecture recording is easier than ever.
EverCam is truly easy to use for everyone who wants to record PowerPoint lectures. All you need to do is select the slide you want to present and click the record button.
In contrast, in most popular tools, (e.g. Camtasia) you can only start PowerPoint presentation from the first slide. So you have to manually switch to the slide you want then start recording.
Continue recording
Works like how you think it does.
When you start recording again in the same PowerPoint file, EverCam works like a tape recorder: it appends the newly recorded content to the previous content. As a result, you don’t need to merge separate videos together even if the presentation was recorded at different times. The video clips are always combined into one complete, uninterrupted video.
On the other hand, Camtasia saves your presentation as separate files every time you start recording again.
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Delete & Edit
Slide-based editing, like PowerPoint.
How to delete the unwanted video clips?
Open EverCam editor. You’ll see the indexes created by EverCam. Select an index and hit Delete. It’s just that simple!
You don't need to find the exact time point to edit. It is much easier than Camtasia.
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Share Videos
Other than YouTube, you have a better choice.
You can upload videos directly to YouTube. However, You have a better choice-share EverCam files on www.camdemy.com.
Camdemy offers not only free storage, but also numerous wonderful features designed specifically for online learning.
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