Download EverCam

We offer a 30-day trial before users' purchase and registration. During this period, the functions are exactly the same as the official version. After trial period, you can still keep using EverCam trial edition to record / edit / view videos on your own computer, but there are some slight limitations to this version.



(Windows version only)
Limitations after trial period
There will be some slight differences and limitations after trial term.
1. Watermarks
Watermarks will appear on contents recorded after the trial term. However, they will not appear when uploading video to Camdemy.
2. Sharing
Your videos can only be shared on Camdemy which is similar to YouTube. After uploading to Camdemy,  the videos can be directly share on Facebook, twitter or other websites.
3. Publishing
The videos cannot be published into any format such as mp4, wmv.
Free with
The watermarks recorded by trial version will be removed when the EverCam video is uploaded to Camdemy. Thus, EverCam is free if used with Camdemy.
Q & A
Q1: Are there different installation files for official and trial versions of EverCam?
No. As soon as you complete the registration, your EverCam will become the official version and the limitations of the expired trial version will be removed.
Q2: Will the watermark in the recorded videos be removed after I purchase EverCam?
No, because the video is recorded after the trial term.
However, you can upload your teaching material to Camdemy, and the watermark
will be automatically removed. Therefore, if you use Camdemy as a space to share
your tutorial videos, you do not need to purchase EverCam.